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Ino and Sakura feet worshiped

It was sunday morning in the hidden leaf village, Naruto woke up, he had is breakfast, he put on his clothes and headband and went to Sakura’s house. Tomorrow he would have to participate in the chunin exams for the second time, now he was sure he could win, no matter what, sue to his improvement since the last exams. Since he's class had all passed the exams while he was training with Jiraya for 3 years, now it would be really easy for him to pass the exams.

But today he had the day off, he was planning to have a good time the day before the exams.
When Naruto arrived, at Sakura’s house, Sakura was talking with Ino in her bedroom, because they had both forgotten about Sasuke and they were no longer rivals, they figured that their friendship was more important than a stupid idiot that betrayed them, and didn’t care about anybody.
Tomorrow I’ll finally become a chunin! Naruto said enthusiastically.
- I hope you do because it's kind of embarrassing, because from our group you’re the only one who is still a Genin, all of the others are now chunin or joanin, and you are at Jiraya’s level.
- I bet your going to fail the exams again. Sakura giggled.
- Of course I’m going to pass! It’s like Ino said, i have improved a lot since last time, those rookies don’t stand a chance against me, Konohamaru would probably be the only one near my skills since I tought him a few advanced techniques, but even he is already a chunin. Naruto replied, looking sad.
- Ok. Since you’re so confident that you will pass this time, I’ll bet with you that if you do pass the exams, I will buy you Ramen for a month, but if you fail the exams, you will have to worship our feet.
- Yeah I guess that sound’s fair! Naruto said enthusiastically and confident that he was going to pass the exams.

On the next day Naruto went to the chunin exams, but the exams were interrupted because Akatsuki showed up, and Naruto and the rest of the village had to fight them, and at the end, Naruto fought Uchiha Madara, and killed him.
The village was rebuilt once again.
Some days after the village was rebuilt, Naruto, Ino and Sakura were all at Sakura’s house again.
- Now that Akatsuki are dead the world will be a better place, it will be a world without evil. Naruto said.
- Yeah, now we’re finally free. Sakura and Ino replied.
- Hey Sakura, you that are closer to the Hokage, did you hear her mention anything if I had passed the exams or not. Naruto asked.
- She said the exams had to be postponed, like three or four years ago when Orochimaru interrupted the exams, so I guess you are still a Genin, and now that I remember… I had a bet with you, that if you won I would have to buy you Ramen for a month, but if you lost you would worship both of our feet.

- But I only failed because Akatsuki showed up and the exams were canceled.” Naruto argued.
- A bet is like a promise Naruto, if you promised you have to do it” Sakura replied.
- He is right Sakura he didn’t really fail, the exams were postponed, and I feel sorry for him, he fought once again to protect the village”.
- I feel like I don’t know you anymore Ino, lately you’ve changed a lot you’re nicer with people, don’t you like having your feet worshipped?”
- Of course I do but if he doesn’t want to do it I will not make him do it, when someone worships my feet I want them to enjoy worshipping them as much as I enjoy having them worshipped.”
- Ok… I guess you’re right, well it seems you got away from this one Naruto but next time when you bet something make sure that you can follow with your end of the deal.”
- Ok… How am I going to say this. Naruto thought.
- I want to worship both of your feet. Naruto said really quickly, and started blushing because he was embarrassed of his foot fetish.
- You what? Sakura couldn’t believe what she heard.
- Could you repeat it, we didn’t catch that? Ino asked, she also couldn’t believe that Naruto wanted to worship their feet.
- I said that I wanted to worship both of your feet, since the academy and I have dreamed about it till this day, that was the reason why I accepted the bet, so that I had the opportunity of worshipping both of your sexy feet. Naruto felt even more embarrassed.
- Naruto youre such an idiot! Why didn't you say this before? Sakura shouted and punched him in the head.
- Yeah, you should have told us a long time ago, we could have had so much fun and pleasure when we were alone. Ino said.
- I was too embarrassed, I thought you would make fun of me, if you knew that I liked feet, and than I wouldn’t be able to stare at them, because you would always be on the lookout, but now that I know that the both of you also enjoy it, I can worship your feet everyday if you want me to.
- It sounds like a great idea, but I don’t know if I wan’t it anymore, I think you should be punished for not having told us this earlier. Sakura replied
- Yeah, I have to agree with her on this, I think we should leave. Ino and Sakura stood up, and got ready to leave the house.
- Please let me worship both of your feet, I beg you, I really want to kiss them, lick them, and suck on you’re toes. Naruto begged.
- Well… I guess we can stay for a while. Sakura smiled
- Yeah I guess you’re right. Ino agreed
They both sat on the bed again and took of their sandals, revealing those gorgeous, sexy and beautiful feet, they both had very soft feet, they took well care of them, and they both had red painted toenails.
Naruto sat on the floor near their feet and he started with sakura who was wriggling her toes and smiling, her feet were begging for attention and Naruto couldn't resist (neither could I if I were on his place).
He started by gently kissing Sakura’s foot all over, Naruto was amazed by the Sakura’s soft feet, he kissed the top of her foot and her toes, than he moved on to her soles which he also kissed gently and passionately, “Her feet are so soft, and wonderful” Naruto thought, he started licking the top of her foot, and than he sucked on her toes one by one.
“Hmm… that feels good. Sakura moaned with pleasure.”
Naruto than sucked all of her toes simultaneously, and than he started licking between every toe, which made Sakura moan even more and giggle a little.
Ino was laying there staring at them while Naruto repeated the same process on Sakura’s left foot.
- Wow you’re really good at this Naruto! Sakura said.
- I have been wanting to do this for so long, and you're feet are so wonderful. Naruto said.
- Oh… so sweet, I take good care of my feet, I have regular pedicures but I'm not satisfied yet, I think my soles were a bit neglected, and they need more attention. Sakura said.
Naruto lied down on the floor, and Sakura placed her soles above Naruto’s mouth so that he could reach them with his tongue.
Naruto was in heaven, he licked Sakura’s soles leaving them soaked in saliva, and Sakura was now satisfied with Naruto.
- Oh... this feels great Naruto. Sakura moaned, while he continued licking her soles.
- Yeah but I want to try it as well, I think it should be my turn now. Ino argued.
- Yeah, you’re right, I’m sorry I made you wait that long, but to make it up to you, me and Naruto will worship your feet, simultaneously. Sakura replied
- That sounds great. Ino replied.
Sakura grabbed Ino’s left foot, and Naruto grabbed the right one and they both started sucking on Ino’s toes one by one, than they got the all the toes in their mouths simultaneously.
Ino was loving to have her feet worshipped, by two persons at the same time.
They licked the top’s of Ino’s feet, between her toes and her soles.
- I only worshipped Ino’s right foot, that’s not fair. Naruto argued.
- Well I don’t want to switch with you, because I would have to taste your saliva, but if you don’t have that problem go ahead. Her left foot is all yours, I had already finished anyway. Sakura said
- I really didn't know you loved my feet that much Naruto. Ino said.
- Well… I guess you know now. Naruto replied.
Naruto started licking Ino’s feet, and he could taste Sakura’s saliva which gave him more pleasure, he than started licking her soles.
- Hmm…You’re tongue feels so good rubbing against my soles. Ino moaned.
Naruto sucked on her toes than licked between them, Naruto kept worshipping Ino’s feet for hours until Ino made him stop, because it was getting late.
- This was without a doubt the best afternoon ever. Naruto said
- Yeah I guess we can all agree on that, Sakura said.
- Definitely, it was really great, do you want to repeat this tomorrow Naruto? Ino said getting her sandals back on.
- Yeah, sure you took the words out of my mouth.
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